Cyber Safety Assembly for Students


Cyber Safety for Students is a 40-minute interactive presentation aimed at students 5th to 12th grade.

It can be taught in a classroom or in a gymnasium to hundreds of students. Cyber Safety for Students gives students the information they need to make good decisions in their online lives. Additionally, the Cyber Safety class will show them common vulnerabilities to their safety and how they can make themselves more secure in social networks. The program focuses on the importance of a positive Digital Reputation, and the long-term impact of cyberbullying and sexting can have on their lives. Topics include:

Don’t allow strangers in your network
Don’t share inappropriate images
Create a positive online reputation
Consequences of mean, rude, or threatening messages

Cyber Safety for Students complements Cyber Safety for Parents. The concepts covered in the Student class are explained in the parent class, allowing parents to follow up with their children and reinforce what they learned at school.

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