Safe – Isolate – Control (SIC)

Safe, Isolate, and Control (SIC) is a one-day 8-hour course, designed to prepare school staff and safety teams to deal with any critical incident on a school campus. The class is interactively taught from two complementary perspectives, law enforcement and school administrator, which allows for a broader perspective and creates a safer environment for students.

School personnel are constantly facing new obstacles in their efforts to educate kids and maintain a safe school environment. Now, more than ever, school administrators are confronted with drugs, weapons, verbally and physically combative students, and a wide array of other issues. These issues are in addition to larger concerns such as fire, natural disasters, or threats to campus security and cause a school administrator to often act as a first responder. Each one of these "critical incidents" presents a need to act under duress with clear thought. SIC is more than a class about de-escalation techniques. SIC will make school safety staff better equipped and more confident when handling a critical incident.

SIC's training concepts include:

  • The steps to creating an effective safety team.
  • Safe and realistic training to help increase safety and success in a real-life critical incident.
  • How to identify the pre-indicators of the Assaultive Cycle, and how to intervene safely.
  • Non-violent de-escalate techniques.
  • Tactics to make the environment safe for team members, and other clients in the area.
  • Best tactics to remain safe while isolating the critical incident, and how to move the incident to a safe resolution.
  • Communication strategies in a critical incident.
  • How to effectively debrief incidents with your safety team to improve future practices.
  • How to identify signs of over-stress in myself and my team members and how to support them when controlling a critical incident.

Additionally, our instructors can include training on lockdown and lockout procedures based on the latest protocols used by the two largest school districts in Orange County, California.

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