Social Media: Investigations, Threats, and Solutions


Social Media: Investigations, Threats, and Solutions is an eight-hour course that will provide an in-depth look at how teens use social media apps and other social networking platforms. This course will also explore the unique threats that exist online: cyberbullying, impersonation, identity theft, sexting, sexual predators, human trafficking, digital reputation management, pornography, and other high-risk behaviors. The second half of the class will show how popular social media applications can be used to aid in.

Course Topics:

1. Live demonstrations of the most popular social media applications
2. Risks associated with popular social media sites
3. How sex predators use social media to contact children
4. Methodology of sex predators and social media
5. Social media, depression, and self-harm
6. How to identify online human trafficking recruitment
7. How to use social media applications to find and identify suspects
8. Open source techniques for intelligence gathering
9. Penal codes and case law updates

By the conclusion of this course, attendees will be able to:

a) Describe the two basic problems of social media and their impact on teen online safety.
b) Identify online predatory grooming behavior.
c) Understand how privacy issues can expose teens to online threats
d) Describe basic cyber safety techniques to keep teens safe online.
e) Use online open source search tools, such as Facebook Graph search, in their online investigations.
f) Understand legal issues (SB 178) when they apply for a social media/ISP search warrant.

Course Hours: 8

STC Certified: 10451-084950

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