Understanding and Preventing School Violence


Why would a student bring a weapon to school and without any explicable reason open fire on fellow students and teachers? Are school shooters angry? Are they crazy? Is their motive revenge? Hatred for the victims? A hunger for attention?

This 90-minute seminar will answer the questions parents have about making their school safe from violence.

Sergeant Clayton Cranford, cyber safety expert, and former Orange County school threat assessment investigator will explain how an individual becomes a school spree killer. Clay has conducted over 200 threat assessment investigations throughout Orange County schools. He will show parents how to identify the warning signs that a person is on the path to violence, and what parents, schools, and law enforcement can do to prevent violence from occurring in our schools. Parents and educators do not need to feel helpless. When we know what to look for, we can make a difference.

Clay Cranford will discuss:

  • What happens in a threat assessment.
  • The observable signs an individual is on a path to violence.
  • What happens after a student is identified as a person of concern.
  • How social media and video games play a part in the path to violence.
  • Dispel the myths of predatory violence.
  • How to monitor your child's online activity.
  • What schools can and should do to prevent violence.
  • How to engage students as assets to prevent violence.
  • Answer your questions about internet and school safety.


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